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By BH in General

You have found the home for the best ass kicking blues rock on the planet!

Remember, BellyUp4Blues is 100% listener supported!

By BH in General

Donation period ends October 29th at 6 PM or off the air until at zero!!!

Already way behind – so from now until the 29th – each day there is no donations the next day there will be no music………..must average over $125 per day the rest of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This has been one of the most stressful months of my life and still is, so I don’t need any bonus stress on top of what I am dealing with already—–so either let’s get the donations in on time or ahead of time or just close the doors on the 29th….I can’t take much more……..

Today’s Contributors: 1

Cash/Check/Money Orders or CDs to: Jeff McDonough, BellyUp4Blues Radio, 660 North Quince St. #A8, Escondido, CA 92025


***Yes times are tough on my end!!!  Got $75 left on the internet by Saturday night or off it goes….Any help would be appreciated — just put HELP in the remarks section and I’ll take care of you musically ;)

FYI: Again, the electric company said the power will go off sometime early Sunday morning for a few hours – once the power is restored we will be back on the air unless we get no donation Saturday the 25th…………



By BH in General

In English:  “If you want to streamrip/record music from BellyUp4Blues using streamripper/freeamp/streamwriter or any other recording devices - Risk being banned permanently!!!!”

In German: “Wollt ihr die Musik mit streamripper / freeamp / streamwriter or any other recording devices – aufnehmen – wäre es einfach für euch zu spenden und BellyUp4Blues würde euch in Ruhe lassen! Spendet oder ihr lauft Gefahr gebannt zu werden!


By BH in General

COST: $10.99 for an email copy – Cafe Press no longer offers custom cds so only available by email

TOTAL: $40.00 price for all 5

**NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGES – all purchases are final!!!!

Artists include: Biscuit Miller, Stoney Curtis Band, Sean Chambers, Albert Castiglia, JP Blues Band, Ryan McGarvey, Mike Zito, Todd Wolfe Band, Chris Bell, Wolfman Jack, Mean Gene Kelton and more (14 Songs total)

Send money to the Paypal link and add the note (BU4B 1-5) and your email address……or cash, check or money order PAYABLE TO – JEFF McDONOUGH – by mail to: Jeff McDonough, 660 N. Quince St. #A7, Escondido, CA 92025

Thanks for rocking to The Belly!!!!!!

By BH in General

#1 – Give this a try for your IPhone and IPad – or

Try this link to play directly in iPhone browser.

#2 – This is the one for the Winamp Android Player:

#3 – Free BU4B app for your android –

Send me some feedback at and let me know they work!!!!!!


By BH in General

You can also donate by mail with cash, check or money order if you don’t want to use Paypal to:

Jeff McDonough, 660 N. Quince St. #A8, Escondido, CA 92025