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By BH in General

Most Recent Donation Day/Time (48 HOURS NO DONATIONS – DONATION SPOTS GO ON): Sunday 5:30 PM – Ed H

December 17th – Internet/Hosting Bills Due or Off Air until paid;

December 31st – End Of The Month & Year Bills Due;

January 4th – All Bills Paid In Full or Off The Air in 2023!

## Any gifts of love and appreciation for yours truly (please put .02 behind the amount) would be totally awesome and wishing you the same in return – With thanks, love and Happy Holidays to:

Need HELP HELP HELP with rent and food/tp/beverages (put .01 behind amount) for December it would be deeply appreciated: Bellyhead Ray (*), Wagster, Deb T (*), Wetdog, Don Maxie (*), Reinhard J, Steve L, Robert M,

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