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By BH in General

Wednesday March 21st Donations: $15

April 10th will be BellyUp4Blues’ 15th Anniversary!  If you want The Belly to continue past April 10th you need to show your support!!  We need to be totally finished up paying all bills on time!!!

BellyUp4Blues is listener-supported radio – that means everybody!  If you won’t do you part – please find another station…

No Donation Days = No Music until we get some support…

Tuesday March 27th – Royalty Bill Due or Off Air Until Paid;

Saturday March 31st – End of Month Bills Due – $500.

###Any help for food and/or captain during March would be appreciated (put .01 behind amount) – thank you very much to: Don Maxie (**), Wetdog (*), Mojo Libre, Steve L (**), Mike S, Butterbean, Jean-M C, Deb T, Omniface, PJ (*), Klaus K, Peter O, Michael Ar, Reinhard J, Mudman Ranch & Pond, Risto R, DJ’s Handyman Service, Wagster, Arthur Dent,

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