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By BH in General

Saturday September 22 Donations: $5

Listener Supported Radio – Means Everybody!!!  At the rate we are going, not going to be around by the end of the year!  Other than rebooting Sunday & Thursday nights – will be on the air daily with the exception of the 27th @ Midnight and the 4th of each month if the bills are not paid in full!

September 27 – Royalty Bill Due or OFF AIR @ Midnight until paid in full;

September 28 – First Late Warning;

September 29 – Second Late Warning & $25 Late Fee;

September 30 – Notice of License Suspension;

September 30 – End of Month Bills Due – $500;

October 1 – Streaming License suspended and out of business @ Midnight.

October 4 – Off Air @ Midnight if all bills are not paid and will not return until finished.

##Need some help with rent and food/captain for October if you can (please put .01 behind amount) – THANK YOU Very Very Much to: Don Maxie,