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By BH in General

Monday July 16th Donations: $34

Guess we’ll find out this month if our listeners want the radio station to survive???  According to our PayPal reports – donations down 39% from one year ago……so maybe it is time to shut down – things don’t start picking back up by August 31st will make a decision then to close up or keep on going……

No Donations Any 24 Hour Day (Midnight-Midnight) – No Music Until There Is….

BellyUp4Blues is Listener-Supported Radio – that means Everybody!

**July 16th – Internet/Hosting Bills Due $96 – if not on the air July 17 and after!

July 27th – Royalty Bill Due or Off Air until paid in full $840;

July 31st – End of Month Bills Due $500;

Need some assistance during July with food and captain if you can (please put .01 behind amount) – thank you Very Very Much to: Deb T, Visible Spirit, Mojo Libre, Reinhard J, Albert K, Steve L (**), Peter J, Wetdog, Don Maxie, Zosch, Omnifice, Michael Ar, Bellyhead Ray, Mike S, Mudman Ranch & Pond, Gabriel K,