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By BH in General

May 22 Donations: $0

May 21 Donations: $34 (thanks Gary)

May 20 Donations: $0

This is LISTENER-SUPPORTED radio – that means everybody needs to donate!!!  BellyUp4Blues is a World Blues Community with no political, religious or other agendas – only the love of blues and rock – mostly together!  So show your financial support today…

NO donations in 24 hours = No music until there is some support!!!

##May 27 – Royalty Bill Due or Off Air until paid in full;

May 31 – End of Month Bills Due or Off Air until paid in full – $500;

###Need HELP for May for food and/or captain if you can – your assistance would be appreciated (put .01 behind amount) – thank you very much to: Deb T, Don Maxie (*), Wetdog, Clinton P, Errol B (*), Klaus K, Steve L (*), Mike S, Bellyhead Ray, Visible Spirit, Reinhard J, Mudman Ranch & Pond,