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By BH in General

Wednesday January 24th Donations: $0

This is LISTENER SUPPORTED RADIO – EVERYBODY!!!  Any day no donations then no music the next day until we receive some support!

January 27th: Royalty Bill Due or Off Air until paid in full;

January 31st: End of Month Bills Due.

Any help with food or captain during January would be appreciated (put .01 behind amount) – thank you very much to: Steve L (*), Don Maxie (*), Zosch, Deb T, Visible Spirit, Wetdog, Beat F, Omniface (*), Dave L, Ollo, Ed H, Mojo Libre, Mike S,

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  1. Rock on!!!!Fuckin Awesome Tunes!!!thank you so much!!!

  2. Hey BH Does the song list only show what song is playing? Used to be about the last 5…Thanks Rick

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