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By BH in General

In English:  “If you want to streamrip/record music from BellyUp4Blues using streamripper/freeamp/Raima Radio/streamwriter or any other recording devices – Risk being banned permanently!!!!”

In German: “Wollt ihr die Musik mit streamripper / freeamp / streamwriter or any other recording devices – aufnehmen – wäre es einfach für euch zu spenden und BellyUp4Blues würde euch in Ruhe lassen! Spendet oder ihr lauft Gefahr gebannt zu werden!


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  1. getting $25 to listen sounds good. live is what i used to listen to before i found a better station!

  2. Mark GregsonDecember 8, 2012 @ 10:32 amReply

    What if I’m on disability and can’t afford to donate at this time?

  3. It would be great if one could buy individual songs as they are being played….
    there would be no need to steal and one would have to listen to choose the songs to download.
    You have a great ear for meaningful music and there is no need to record anything unless you want to take it with you while driving or trippin somewhere. this would eliminate a lot of stress on your part. I like this station a lot. I want you to stay online but not everyone is a donater.
    I think you are great to do what you do , however sometimes ….online…you seem like hitler and i know you are just the opposite. just fed up with cheaters. Our first donation is scheduled on your birthday

  4. streamrip? (record) no but i do re broadcast Bu4B on our shoutcast enabled server. “hope you dont mind”.
    If you want access to my shoutcast control panel to stream directly, email me and i will send you info on logging in. I will donate this at no charge. I have bandwidth to spare.

  5. Tom "LuvittJones" DunnNovember 24, 2013 @ 12:46 pmReply

    I gave $100 last week and Im gonna do it again this week. if you sink, it wont be cause I didnt help….


    come see me in SL as Luvitt Jones or in World of Tanks as Slim_Chances

    Dont be shy!

  6. Can you be more precise in your STATEMENT.
    “By BH in General
    In English: “If you want to streamrip/freeamp/winamp 2.7-2.8/lav or any other recording devices – Donate or risk being banned!!!!”.
    I take this to mean if a person does in fact donate to BellyUp 4Blues that person would be able to STREAMRIP and not be banned.
    Please acknowledge.
    Thanks, Frank

  7. Mark HansonMarch 29, 2014 @ 4:29 pmReply

    Just donated and bought your cd’s love your station it would be a shame to see it go..If you are ever are around Goodnight Texas let us know you got a steak and and a beer :)

  8. Does radio get any better than this? I’m so sick of FM radio stations where they play the same 5 tired songs of each group over and over. I stumbled upon this station after putting a music app on my phone. Can’t say I was a big blues listener before, but you guys made me a junkie and I don’t want to recover. You could give everyone lessons on how to play music.
    Well done, BellyUp !

  9. Where do I post my song request?

  10. hello, responses are interesting, so mik on april6, 2014 is right, same to me……
    I played bluesrock in a trio for many years, very passionate, must stopped playing, but keep listening good blues music…… so belly I found in june 2015 and belly received also from me a donation for perfect musik.
    sometimes I wonder because some tracks are too quiet??
    from germany best regards………..

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