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bellyhead ray, BH, brown480 and 3 guests are online.
  • 007 : :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
  • BH : yes I have a few I can spin this evening ;)
  • Don Maxie : CD spotlight?
  • Don Maxie : We all jerks to somebody. Heh.
  • bellyhead ray : ooh home again them people are jerkls out there :twisted:
  • 007 : Ha, nice to hear you again man :grin: ()
  • brown480 : Thank you sir....and welcome back!
  • BH : should be good now
  • brown480 : "access denied"???
  • bellyhead ray : || || || good tune
  • bellyhead ray : i'll be back lokl
  • Guest BH : whatever works ;)
  • bellyhead ray : I poured hot water through the coffee grounds lol
  • Guest BH : luckily it is still unopened ;)
  • Guest BH : I always have a jar of instant just in case :mrgreen:
  • bellyhead ray : made coffee with the use of the tea kettle :lol:
  • Guest BH : still have to hit the ass cleaner myself but coffee first :D
  • bellyhead ray : only two inches of lght stuff
  • bellyhead ray : yep since I just got the shoveling done
  • Guest BH : sounds like a plan
  • bellyhead ray : my next move is to shower, clean off the car and get my ass to wal-mart
  • Guest BH : they now say lots of coffee is good for you so I should live a long time :)
  • Guest BH : I can't live without the old coffee maker
  • bellyhead ray : this isn't hell because it is too damn cold :lol:
  • bellyhead ray : yeah I agree there don
  • bellyhead ray : damn coffee maker broke now I have to go buy a new one :twisted:
  • Don Maxie : Well, cold weather just sucks. That's why there's the South. It gives us just enuf cold to really appreciate August.
  • Guest BH : I would imagine so - coffee is ready brb
  • bellyhead ray : or just tired of it :twisted:
  • bellyhead ray : || ||
  • bellyhead ray : lol I'm getting to old for this too!
  • Guest BH : I'm way too big of a pussy for 30 degrees
  • Guest BH : ;-)
  • Don Maxie : 66 and rain here. We did have a dose or two of cold stuff but I was in South FL with my beautiful little grand daughter, Lucille.
  • bellyhead ray : finally gonna warm up in a few days in the 30s :lol:
  • Guest BH : heading back to the 80's tomorrow - only 75 today :(
  • bellyhead ray : can't get rid of this crap
  • Guest BH : got cold weather, some good rain and a little hail/thunder
  • bellyhead ray : did you get some of that cold weather ?
  • bellyhead ray : to the rest, donate donate donate
  • Guest BH : hah thanks :mrgreen: :cool:
  • bellyhead ray : well I'm glad your back hope you ejoyed the week down :smile:
  • Don Maxie : Had to get your ass back to work. :twisted:
  • BH : In 2 hours time - Stream is up at 128 kbps with 128 of 300 listeners (128 unique) - but can't get any donations in February - go figure :twisted:
  • bellyhead ray : morning afternoon yeah thanks don :!:
  • BH : thanks Don ()
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