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By BH in General

Saturday October 21st Donations: $0


No donations = no music until we get some support; Over $100 full playlist for 24 hours; please turn your players off when done listening so as to save money on our royalty bill – thank you!


October 16 Internet/Cable Bill Due – PAID

October 27 Royalty Bill Due (and no later) – $627

October 31 End of Month Bills Due – $500

### Need help with food/captain morgan during October if you can spare it at some point this month.  Please put .01 behind the amount.  Thank you very much to: Wetdog (*), Bellyhead Ray, Peter J (**), DJ’s Handyman Service (*), Reinhard J, Steve L (*), Omniface, Don Maxie (*), Butterbean, Risto R (*), Deb T, Michael Ar, Visible Spirit, Birgit B, Anita G, The Mayor, Mudman Ranch & Pond, Mike S, Zosch

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6 Responses

  1. Hey BH……Happy Friday! Just wanted to let you know Rick & Donna from Belmont, NC sent ya some $ so check PayPal when you can! We love us some BH and The Belly!

  2. No commercials ? Shit too. Only because you throw a fit. Ass kicking belly act like a spoiled little bitch. You are a phony, cry baby. Same you use others work for your own profit you change your words the same. We have a name for those here. Is dumb to have different language commercials if we did not speak english why we listen to your stupid station ? American must be dumb as shit to pay you. Not going get any thing much from my country. People do not like the type you are. Accuradio is much better

  3. Must…control…urge…to…feed…troll…

    • Visible SpiritOctober 17, 2017 @ 5:11 pmReply

      LOL… Gotta say omnifice, I’m struggling with that philosophy. Not sure if I can hold out here. I just want to wipe it up and throw it back in the toilet where it came from!

      …[FLUSH]… good riddence… One less turd to smell the place up :-0. A fitting end as turds don’t have a brain and so can’t understand the reality of what makes a great station. I suppose we shouldn’t expect much from turds like ALD. After all, it is just a piece of s#!t! :shock:

  4. I figured that he had already proved himself ignorant, if not plain stupid, by most of his comments. I hope all of his countrymen aren’t that ignorant and clueless…guessing not, but he lumped himself in with the whole country…

    • Visible SpiritOctober 18, 2017 @ 7:10 pmReply

      Agreed. That he did. I just have no tolerance for ignorant morons like that anymore. And troll!?!… he’s too stupid to be a troll. He’s one little piss ant that wants everyone’s attention for a minute because like many, he’s a brain washed, conditioned idiot that’s completely clueless about how business works. Well, he got it. He complains about donation spots in other languages.
      Quote: “Is dumb to have different language commercials if we did not speak english why we listen to your stupid station ?” REALLY!?! The station he mentioned plays english speaking music and is an english speaking station… base in Chicago!

      BU4B is a global broadcaster and it’s only fitting and respectful to speak various languages so those who don’t speak english understand the station, it’s need for listener support, and the fact that it’s not a corporate entity and doesn’t have corporate support via commercials advertising crap no ones interested in. BU4B is a “listeners radio station” for those that want to hear blues rockin’ music without having their mood ruined every other song with annoying BS and talk. But like all these freeloading non donating morons, they expect to be hand fed free music 24/7.

      It cost money to run a station. Who does he think pay the bills!?! Oh!… Ooops. I forgot for a second. Turds don’t have a brain as ALD has shown above. They just float around until someone else comes along to clean up after them. ;-)

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