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By BH in General

Saturday’s Donations: $0

Not done by July 31st at Midnight music is going off and staying off until finished – not done completely by August 3rd at Midnight will be staying off the air – the apathy so far this year is going to put us out of business much sooner than later!!!

July 27th – Royalty Bill Due (TBD) – $675 or off goes the music at midnight!

July 31st  – End of Month Bills Due – $500 or off goes the music at midnight!

Any days with no donations – no music until we get some support the next day!!!  Any over $100, big playlist will be played for the next 24 hours.

If you have no intention in financially supporting our station we ask that you please find another station so that the people that do support us can listen at their leisure and that you do not run up our royalty bill and not helping pay it!!!!

PS: BH needs BIG TIME HELP to get above water ($380 approximately – put .01 if you can as soon as possible but definitely before the 1st of August) – Thanks to: Ransacked Basement, Wetdog, Deb T,


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  1. Peter "Pedro" NewmanJuly 14, 2017 @ 12:32 amReply

    What the hell is it with people. You want to listen to the best Blues Rocker on the planet but you won’t even chip in a few duckets for BU4B. Come on people you are better than this :)

  2. Donna&RickJuly 21, 2017 @ 3:30 pmReply

    I’m kicked back here in Belmont NC 2night with my one and only DonDon girl, and she said you need to send the Belly some cash! So I said OK, let me see what he plays next and if I like it I’ll donate. And dam if BH didn’t play some Mike Zito! One of my favorites. So you all know what I did!! We love ya BH, keep the blues alive!! Rick & Donna

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