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By BH in General

Thursday’s Donations: $0

Royalty Bill MUST BE PAID by Midnight May 27th or off the air until paid which is Memorial Day Saturday….rather keep playing the music with your BBQ and Beer……All I have to say…….

You know the deal – no donations in one day we will be off the air the next until we get some support!

Memorial Day weekend at the end of the month so hopefully we will be up and rockin’ the blues!

Turn off your players when done listening in order to keep the royalty bill as low as possible.

  1. May 27th Royalty Bill Due by May 27th Midnight or Off Air until paid;
  2. May 31st End of Month Bills Due $500;
  3. May 15th Internet Bill – Paid.

This is BH begging/asking/hoping – most of you know I don’t get out much but when I do…to see some live music – a repeat offender REO Speedwagon on June 2, 2017 – some help with (.02) behind the amount would be most kindly appreciated!  Prices below:

Minimum $40 per I think for the back row but need 2 for my driver seeings how I have no wheels – if not, oh well thanks anyway!  Thanks: Wetdog, Omnificent Technologies, Roy L, Mike S,

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  1. What impulse buys do you spend $10-20 a month on? I know there are plenty of items I can think of that tempt me. In this case if anyone pays we all get to play. If we all pay, we get to play EVERY DAY. Don’t know what the listening figures look like but I am guessing $5-$10 monthly from everyone pays the bills. A cup of Starbucks, that extra desert dining out last a few minutes or hours. 1-2 donations a day can last 24 hours. Worth it to me and hopefully to all the other Bellyheads. Let’s save ourselves the angst of the bills being posted or sad feeling of logging in to see/hear dead air.

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