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By BH in General

Thursday March 23 Donations: $38

  1. March 26 Royalty Payment due $688 or off the air not by our choice;
  2. March 31 Server/Hosting/Final Payment due $500 by midnight or off the air by our choice.
  3. Internet Bill – Paid.

### Any days with NO donations the music will be off the next day or until we receive some support!  Any days over $100 we will load the full playlist.

Please turn your players off when done listening in order to keep the royalty bill lower – thank you for your cooperation.


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  1. Donna BonhamMarch 17, 2017 @ 3:02 pmReply

    Hey BH! Rick & Donna from Belmont just sent ya more $……donated Mar 4th towards remainder of Feb. For all the freeloaders out there, YouTube is available 24/7 and the place for you!

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