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By BH in General

#1 – Give this a try for your IPhone and IPad – or

Try this link to play directly in iPhone browser.

#2 – This is the one for the Winamp Android Player:

#3 – Free BU4B app for your android –

Send me some feedback at and let me know they work!!!!!!


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  1. i loveeeeee it on my iphone wohooooo its great

  2. 10thGearJune 1, 2011 @ 7:13 amReply

    hey man, it works great om my iphone and the ipod… dude, thanks a mill.
    “keep on rockin on the blues bro…”

  3. Works as well on Symbian and Nokia. Download “Internetradio” from Ovi and look in Blues for BellyUp4Blues. Works fine.

  4. tunein is my choice for the belly

  5. dude what happened with bluescast for iphones and ipods? It stopped working and wants me to choose a lower band width? help!

    Thankx a bunch BH

    “Keep On Rockin On!”

    • I will see if I can contact the owner of the application……thanks for your patience!

      • The person who owns the app said he will have the new server added and app updated soon – keep trying!!! We don’t run that so hopefully it won’t be too long!!!

  6. Blackberry Curve ????????/

  7. Thanks a heep BH! not to be confused with UriaHeep but thanks a heep bro!
    “Keep On Rockin On!”

  8. jsy an fyi BH, connections stil failing, any word on ther update to connect? Thanks Man for the Best Ass Kicking Blues on the Web.
    “Keep On Rockin On!”
    10th Gear

  9. 10thGearMarch 10, 2012 @ 11:31 amReply

    BH, not complaining just updating with ya, still no fix on the iphone/ipod connection any thing else we can try?
    Thanks …
    “Keep On Rockin On”…

    • all you have to do is enter into your browser and all should be fine??? Otherwise, it is not our application so my advice is to google the owner and request they get it updated…….

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