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By BH in General

It’s hard keeping an independent listener-supported station going when there is little support – Support the station now – thank you!

February 27 Donations: $69

  1. $20 – February 22nd royalty bill due or OFF THE AIR February 27th not by our choice;
  2. $500 – February 28th hosting/servers bills due or OFF THE AIR TBD by our choice;
  3. Paid – February 15th internet bill due;


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  1. Visible SpiritFebruary 15, 2017 @ 10:54 amReply

    Hey folks!

    To all listeners out there, BU4B needs help with donations! Please donate as much as you can as soon as you can. We all need to pull together here. Regulars and occasional listeners alike. As of this writing, the station needs $1,463 USD to pay the February bills. As noted above, $65 is needed “today” to pay the internet fee or the ISP will cut it off and they will not turn it back on until it’s payed in full. If it’s turned off, you can safely assume there will probably be a late fee on top of that. Things are rough all over and the station can’t afford additional fees and charges as it is, so please donate as much as you can today so BH can pay it and keep the ISP folks happy.

    As a recap, BU4B is 100% listener supported. That means;

    NO SONG MASHING… so you hear every tune from the first note to the last uninterrupted!
    …simply put,
    NO BS PROGRAMMING OR OUTSIDE CONTROL OF STATION OPERATIONS, just pure uninterrupted blues rock for you to enjoy!

    The first couple months of the year are always a financial strain on everyone, know matter who you are. Holiday expenses, taxes etc etc on top of February being a short month makes it difficult for all. Your not alone! We ALL feel it. However, life goes on, sadly inflation eats away at everyone’s hard earned money, and the additional $500 royalty deposit hits all broadcasters in January on top of the regular ongoing expenses/bills to keep the station operating. January was the hardest month of the year to get through, but the listeners as always came through and kept the blues alive. February is another hard month financially because it’s a short month and the bills don’t change that much. It’s still expensive to maintain, so donate what you can as soon as possible.

    Please understand this is “not a commercial station” with commercial supporters to take up the slack when the bills are due. This IS 100% listener supported radio! That means YOU, THE LISTENER need to DONATE to keep it on the air. Dig deep and pull out a huge donation…, or at least as much as you can too help pay the bills and keep the station going.

    The station has many long term loyal listeners that donate monthly, and many until it hurts, and it hurts a LOT for many of us… yours truly included because like many of you, I’m not financially rich and struggle to meet my personal monthly expenses as well. But we know the value of what this station offers and that there isn’t ANYTHING out there like it. BU4B is the best at what it does and offers the listener a huge return for your donation support as noted above… and then some! Stick around if your not a regular. Donate and see for your self there’s not another station that compares. ;-)

    April will be the stations 14th year broadcasting the best blues rock on the planet, so help BH keep it going with your support! 14 years without “any” outside commercial investors! That’s impressive by anyone’s standards folks!!! There’s more than meets the eye here regarding what it takes to keep things going, and between BH and all of the supporting listeners (your a listener aren’t you?!?) the station has survived when others haven’t. That speaks volumes folks! Think about it! The regular supporters, many since the station began and others who have continued to support it for many years month after month, do so because they know you can’t find another station like BU4B anywhere! Could you do it and survive without support? You know the answer is no. Listener support keeps the tunes playing and we all need to donate so BU4B keeps broadcasting into it’s 15th year and beyond!

    Support means DONATION$! YOUR DONATION$!!!

    Step up, have faith, and donate today! It’s one of the best investments you can make to keep the blues alive and hear tunes and artists from the old to the new and in between, some you may have never heard before! Stay tuned, donate, and discover artists and musicians you didn’t even know were out there. I have and for good reason! I’ve listened too and learned about artists and bands I never would have known about if not for BU4B radio. My personal music collection has grown beyond the average mainstream artists you hear everyday on other stations. No disrespect here. Those artists are all great and deserve to be heard!, but there are soooo many GREAT artists that the mainstream radio fat cats don’t play that your missing out on. BU4B fills that gap without the fat cats telling him who and who he can’t play.

    Belly Up 4 Blues!!! Ass kickin’ blues rock that continues to rock your world where others have failed. Don’t fail to donate and support the station. Don’t wait for others to donate. Just do it and know you helped preserve a legend in the broadcasting industry, not to mention the great artists and bands that the fat cat corporation and producers don’t play or support for financial reasons. Yep!, it’s all about the money for the fat cats. BH does it for the love of the music… and you the listeners. Hang around of you don’t already and you’ll see, BU4B is unique amongst the broadcasting community.


    DONATE PLEASE and help us help one another …keep the blues alive! Thanks…

    Kindest Regards,
    Visible Spirit ;-)

  2. Peter "Pedro" NewmanFebruary 18, 2017 @ 3:38 pmReply

    What is it with all you people who want to listen but never contribute? There are no #freerides in lifE so get off your asses and DONATE :)

  3. Visible SpiritFebruary 20, 2017 @ 3:26 pmReply

    I’m just speechless over the lack of donations… and respect for what it takes to keep things going here. Yea, me. Speechless, right!?! :-0

    As of this writing the station still needs $1.240. There’s 7 days left until these bills must be paid. That means the station needs to average about $180-190 per day to meet that goal. If not, then the station shuts down and the music is off / gone. As well, the station may not recover and come back if the donations aren’t in. Please help and donate as much as you can, thank you.

    _People just take everything for granted these days and think somebody else will take care of it so they can continue to get it free. If that’s not bad enough, they seem to have no remorse on top of it! Yet when those types get cut off from their free lunch, they’re the first to complain!!!

    If you’ve read this far down the comments section, then you fit into one of two categories; Either your board with nothing more to do then waist your time trolling websites for no good reason, or you listen to this station, don’t (or refuse) to donate and just looking to see how much longer your perceived free lunch might lasts (those of you who donate and read to see what I have to say here, thank you). If you listen but never donate, then it’s time you did and stopped being a freeloading turd. You know who you are. However, nobody here does! Nobody knows your name, so your personal identity is safe if you in fact are a freeloader listening at others expense and decide to step up and donate to help keep the station going. If you do that, my heart and thanks go out to you, as well I’m sure the other donating supporters thank you too.

    Either way… There’s no free lunch folks! Money makes the world go around, so please donate some! If you don’t, then the station gets turned off and there’s nothing that can be done about it but pay the bills. That means, donate or lose it! So… as always, BH does his part, do yours and…

    DONATE TODAY PLEASE !!! Thanks for your help and support. ;-)

    Kindest Regards,
    Visible Spirit

  4. Donna BonhamFebruary 24, 2017 @ 3:10 pmReply

    Hey BH! Rick and Donna from Belmont just sent ya $……..We love you SO much!!

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