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By BH in General

Sunday April 23rd Donations: $57

  1. 1.  April 27th Royalty Bill Due or OFF AIR until finished – $561;
  2. 2.  April 30th Server/Final Bills Due – $500;
  3. 3.  Domain/Re-Up Bills Paid.
  4. 4.  Internet Bill Paid.

Any days with NO donations music will be off until we receive some support – any days over $100 will load the full 14000+ song playlist (which runs the royalty bill way up)…please turn your players off when finished listening!

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  1. Visible SpiritApril 19, 2017 @ 1:29 pmReply

    OKAY,… somebody has to tell folks what BU4B is all about and why it needs your supporting donation. Why the regular supporters keep shelling out-of-pocket every month to keep it going in these trying economic times for our “and your listening pleasure”.

    If your not a regular supporter, read on and understand why I and so many others are passionate about BU4B and support it month after month.

    Speaking on behalf of all the regular monthly supporters… We need your help please. Some may think me silly and long winded :-0, but I’m writing this to help new listeners understand what BU4B is all about and why you need to donate.

    _As you can see above folks, BU4B NEEDS YOUR DONATION to keep the lights on and the blues alive! Listener supported radio for 14 years.

    As of this writing BU4B needs $1300 in the next 10 days to pay the bills for April. That’s a minimum of $130 per day needed. Or another way of looking at it, 13-14 $10 donations per day… every day the rest of this month (and every month). As noted by BH above my comment here, as long as there are reasonable daily donations being made the music will continue to play 24 hours a day.

    No donations… no music! This isn’t rocket science folks. It takes money to operate and pay the monthly bills. This station is and has been 100% listener donation supported since it’s beginning 14 years ago. If YOU don’t donate, your taking advantage of those that do!

    You wouldn’t be here reading this if you weren’t interested in the station or the music BU4B plays. So show your support and donate every month for the best ass kickin’ blues rock station on the planet! If you think otherwise, go listen to the commercials and song-mashing stations with DJ’s that talk over most of the tunes.

    It’s simple… you listen to the brain washing commercials for crap you don’t need, but after hearing them soooo often eventually you buy those things (or something with that companies name on it). You may not admit or realize it, but let’s face it.. we’re ALL guilty of doing just that. Those companies “give a little money” to the station for advertising their products and brain washing you into thinking you need them through pure persistence …over and over and over and over and over again, brain-washing you with their brand name (or what I call commercial torture). Their DJ’s talk over most if not every tune being played as well as mash the tunes together. “Constant interruption”. Seriously?!?… is that what you tune in for?!? Constant interruption and distraction?!?

    This is where BU4B shines through and “IS” different.

    NO BS!

    Just pure uninterrupted blues rock for your listening pleasure from the first note to the last so you don’t miss anything! THAT’s what listener supported radio is all about. You get what you pay for. Either way someone has to pay the bills. That someone is YOU!

    You choose between… constant commercials, song mashing, and DJ talk over…
    …100% listening pleasure of “every tune uninterrupted” as played on BU4B. I’d rather support BU4B for what I get in return than to listen to more interruptions and BS all day than actual music.

    I want to listen to music!… not DJ’s running their mouth over the intro’s. Not commercials every other song. Not songs mashed together over top of each other front and back. — Just ass kickin’ blues rock! Exactly the way BU4B plays them. The “only” way that’s possible is through listener donation support to pay the bills and support the station each month.

    Who do you want BH-(owner) too listen to?… you the investor/supporter, or the commercial fat cat investor controllers who only care about you hearing about them and their commercials as well as control who you hear because they own stock in those studios or artists? (Why do you think Neil Young wrote “This Note’s For You”? )

    It’s your choice!

    Go listen to commercials, have no say in what YOU want to hear, listen to some DJ blabbering all day, have your mood interrupted as the babbling DJ mashes the next tune on top of the one your listening too (totally ruining the mood/tune), never hear the tune you requested for request hour that week?!,…


    DONATE TODAY FOR YOUR PURE, UNINTERRUPTED, LISTENING PLEASURE! Like I said, you wouldn’t be here reading this if you like commercials, babbling DJ’s, song mashing, and music you have no say over etc etc. When BH is around (which is most of the time), he’ll play any request you have in his extensive archive of blues rock tunes asap. You rarely or simply don’t get that kind of service and attention at other stations.

    Did I forget to mention CD spotlights where BH plays THE ENTIRE ALBUM… UNINTERRUPTED front to back? “Sometimes” more than one, two or even more entire albums!

    Your donations support BU4B… and YOU GET ALL THIS IN RETURN!!!

    It’s a no-brainer folks!?!

    Where else can you get all this for a $10 or more per month donation? I’m tellin’ you folks, you can’t and don’t get this kind of service and benefit anywhere but here at BU4B.

    You can waste your time looking around (as we regular supporters have already done), or you can donate, tune in, and enjoy listening to pure rockin’ blues music all day long. Your choice… commercials and BS, or the best, pure uninterrupted, blues rock music?


    BELLY UP 4 BLUES!!!… (100% Listener supported radio)

    If you like blues rock, then try it, you’ll like it!!! Donate Today! Guaranteed uninterrupted blues rock for the blues rock lover… BU4B!

    Thanks for reading. Hope to see you hanging out in the chat room called the “BellyBox” (link at top of page).

    Kindest Regards,
    Visible Spirit

  2. did a donation right now, and just now you kicked me out, no radio reception, did I something wrong from germany? georg

  3. Rick&DonnaApril 21, 2017 @ 2:14 pmReply

    Thanks for all the music BH… Donna and I just donated to help the Belly keep rocking!! Should show up soon. Your friends in Belmont NC Love ya’ll Rick

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